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Conversion Brewing

833 S. Main Street

Lebanon, OR 97355




How do your daily specials work?
We have a special every day, something NOT on the menu, that you can only get that day! We post our specials on Facebook every day. They are usually in the $9-$15 range, in keeping with our menu. The special is available until we sell out that day, so get it while you can!

Do you have menu items for people with special dietary needs?
Yes! We have several gluten and/or dairy free items, including options for dairy-free vegan cheese, and gluten free vegan crust (our standard pizza dough is vegan as well)! We also have un-breaded chicken wings, roasted Brussel sprouts, and other low/no carb options.

Do you have live music? 
Yes! In the cooler months, we have musicians playing at the pub. Check our Facebook page for details of events. In the summer months, we sponsor Summer Bands & Brews, which takes place in Strawberry Plaza, right outside our door on Saturday nights!

If you are a musician looking to play for us, please email us your information and a recorded sample of your music. (A cell phone recording is great! We aren't looking to critique your recording, just to gauge if your music style fits our venue.) 

Does Conversion Brewing donate to fundraisers and non-profit groups?
Yes, we do, and we're proud of it! We happily donate to groups raising money for community building events and projects. The important thing to ask yourself before you request a donation is this: Does my event/cause promote and build community? That is Conversion Brewing's goal.
                              We are "passionate people crafting community".

 Even though we would like to help everyone this is not a sound option, so we have to set 
 some boundaries to be able to keep giving to our community. 

Please fill out the Contact box below and if your cause fits our mission and budget then we will notify you.
Answer these questions in the email.
1. Name of Organization.
2. Contact Person
3. Is the organization a 501 (c) 3 organization?
4. What Size of donation are you requesting? Money or merchandise?
5. For what purpose are you seeking a donation? Please be specific.
6. Why is this important?
7. Is the requested donation going to benefit a person or group in Lebanon? If not, please designate a location/area.

Your details were sent successfully!

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